1. peeplerbeepen said: you go on and on about this white-washed thing, which, in fact, i can understand. i mean, i do understand your frustration about it. but i cant agree with you on the statement that people get taught being white is pretty. in my personal environment people try to be less white. i live in europe btw. people go to tanning studios, use self tanner, colour their hair dark and so on. being pale isnt considered as beauty. pale people look "ill". people are attracted to darker skin types. [1]

    [2] so instead of rambling about disney princesses are getting “white-washed” we should probably consider that the whole point is about accepting the way we look. its fine to be white, black or something in between. in my opinion THIS is the thing people should fight for. that everyone gets accepted the way they are, regardless of their ethnicity. you make it look like being white is a shame because everyone whos white must be ignorant and positive about themself.

    I want to say right off the bat that I honestly have no idea how people advertise in Europe, so a lot of my issues are based on American advertisements/media. That being said, representation of white people is far greater than that of POC. We’re socially constructed to understand that white is the norm and anything else is deviant. This comes from overwhelming representation in movies, TV shows, commercials, etc.

    To address your point on the tanning— yes, a lot of people here also like to tan and dye their hair and whatnot. However, it is yet another white privilege in that people can go out and literally change their skin color to something they find appealing and still keep their white features and status. Nobody’s going to treat a tanned white person the same way they treat a minority of the same skin tone. And as much as I’d love it if we could just “accept the way we look,” we have so many obstacles before we can get to that point. We have the obstacle of Disney using the same body-type formula (neck thickness=waist thickness< head size). We have the obstacle of Disney using a ton of white characters/princesses even in movies featuring animals versus a couple of token minorities and a bunch of bad guys who code as deviant. We have the obstacle of people lightening Beyoncé’s and Rihanna’s skin tones. Being accepted for the way we look has been an ongoing battle. I agree that it’s fine to be whatever race/ethnicity/body type/gender/whatever you are, but the media tells us that’s it’s super great to be white/slim/cis, but no comment on anything else.


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